Closing the Loop

Well, the sermons for Preaching with Luke has mostly been completed.

I’ve been encouraged to restructure that context into a different format, more with chapters about how Luke portrays Jesus and how this can inform preaching. I’ll be thinking about what to do with all the sermons.

I’ve wrapped up my ministry at Saint Michael and All Angles Dallas, and my co-worker, friend, and author Adam Jones was kind enough to create a you tube play list of my sermons and teachings. You can learn more about Adam and his cool books here:

You can find 58 videos of my playlist here: (hamburger menu in upper right corner if the link doesn’t take you to the full list)

See you around! E


My youtube channel


Here is a link to 29 sermons and classes that I have offered at Saint Michael and All Angels during the past year and a half. The “hamburger” menu in the upper right hand corner (says 1/28 under it) allows you to select which video. ¬†Thanks for watching!